This is the hosting site for Windmill Website Design!

Mule Lip. Funny name but highest quality hosting with no data usage limits.

Dozens of Websites hosted now. All with a guarantee.

Ultra fast, ultra reliable and dependable. Just does not get any better.

The Perfect Web Hosting Solution

Completely Backed up

Every Website is backed up and will be automatically restored if anything should happen.

Extreme Reliability

99.9+% reliability and availability.

FTP Access

We provide FTP access for website mainenance.

Award Winning Speed

Hosted by a major center with ultra high speed connections and large servers

Cost Effective

Cost Effective. You may see lower prices quoted but be careful. Often they come with data limits or other gotchas. We don't have any hidden charges; nice and simple.

Help Available 24x7

No matter what time, if your website is not available, you can call for help.

We already host many websites, join us for $100 per year!